Carpet / Curtain Cleaning

We provide quality Carpet Cleaning & Curtain Cleaning services.

Have A Clean And Fresh Carpet

We extend our carpet shampooing service from household to commercial units. Carpet shampooing offers one of the best ways to keep carpets clean and provide them with the extra care and protection they need to make sure everything works fine. It involves the use of a specially-formulated shampoo and a shampoo machine to extract dirt particles from the carpet fibres.

Do You Know?

According to a scientific survey published in 2003 by Nicholas Bakalar, the stomach flu virus commonly known as ‘Norovirus’ can survive on a dirty carpet for longer than a month! So wash your carpets regularly!

Curtain Cleaning Service

We provide 2 options of Curtain cleaning at your convenience, On Site Steam Cleaning or Factory Dry Clean.  For Dry cleaning, our team will dismantle the curtains and send to factory for dry clean, and will hang it back.

Curtain Cleaning Services

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • New Curtains / Roman Blinds Replacement

Steaming & Sanitization

  • Our Special Curtain Steaming Machine removes microscopic dirt and kills bacteria while cleaning the curtains, creating a healthier living environment!