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Our One Stop Services

Below are our Services:

  • Professional Cleaning
  • Regular Home/Office Cleaning
  • Regular Commercial Cleaning
  • Curtains Dry Clean –Dismantle & Hangback
  • Curtains Steam Cleaning
  • Mattress/Carpet/Fabric Sofa Steam Cleaning
  • Marble/Parquet Floor Polishing
  • Home-Fix
  • Home Painting
  • Aircon Service
  • Landscaping Maintenance
  • Plumbing/Jacuzzi Pump Repair
  • Furniture Disposal

About Max – Clean

  • Max-Clean is a One-Stop Home & Office Cleaning Specialist
  • We’re NEA Certified Cleaning Company.
  • We comply to Industry Standards
    • SS499 Cleaning Performance for Commercial Premises
    • SS533 Cleaning Performance for Public Housing Estates
  • Our Cleaners are proficient in Household Cleaning Procedures
  • Our Cleaners attend regular training courses to upgrade productivity with safety measures complying with NEA guidelines.

Monsoon ST12 – Gastronomy

We use State of Art Cleaning Equipments to achieve Maximum Customer’s Satisfaction.

  • Efficient Cleaning combining Suction and Washing in One Process.
  •  Obtained HACCP certification to achieve highest cleaning power.
  •  Kills up to 99.9% germs with its UV light System .
  • Consumes 93 % less water compared to conventional cleaning methods.
  • Consistent cleaning power permanently producing fresh steam from clear water tank separated from dirty water tank.
  • Fast and Hygienic Cleaning without Chemicals.
  • Vacuum, mop and dry in one operation.

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